West African Voodoo Juice Hot Sauce

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West African Voodoo Juice Hot Sauce: (5 oz./148 ml)

West African Voodoo Juice - Oh the VooDoo that you do... Watch out, this West African hot sauce will cast a spell over you. Made with Red Savina Habañero pepper mash. Comes with a 2" tall Voodoo magnet that you can put on your fridge, if you survive...Inspired by the exotic allure of Africa, Captain Thom's West African Voodoo Juice treats your tongue to a sweet, pungent rush of flavor before it blasts you with one of the hottest authentic pepper sauces on the market today. The Legend of Captain Thom......When he was a kid, his old man would occasionally feel the need to cook for them. His specialty was his version of spaghetti sauce that was so freakin' hot that no one could eat it... except Captain Thom and his old grandpappy. He learned to love the stuff! His Favorite childhood memories are of him, his Grandpappy, and his old man pounding this insanely hot spaghetti sauce like weathered old sailors shooting tequila.

Ingredients: Red Savina Mash, Carrots, Onions, White Vinegar, Brown Sugar, White Sugar, Papaya Juice, Banana, Brown Rum, Lime Juice, Pepper Extract, Salt and Spices.

Brand: Captain Thom's

Manufacturer: Captain Thom's Chili Pepper Co.

Awards: 2007 Fiery Foods Challenge: Second Place. Hot Sauce-Fruit: White Zombie Third Place. XXX Hot Extract: West African Voodoo Juice
2006 Fiery Foods Challenge: First Place. Hot Sauce - Pepper Blend: Dia De Los Muertos ( Day of the Dead) Second Place: Cook-off - Chili Con Carne: Captain Thom's New Mexican Style Chili Mix
2005 Fiery Foods Challenge: First Place. Cook-off Division: Captain Thom's Jerk Spice Second Place: Oil/Vinegar Infused: Smoked Habañeros in Olive Oil
2005 Scovie Award Third Place. Oil Infused

Heat: 10+


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