Toad Sweat Cranberry Dessert Hot Sauce

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Toad Sweat Cranberry Dessert Hot Sauce (5 fl.oz./148 ml)

Cranberry Toad Sweat is a smooth mix of a gentle cranberry flavor with cocoa and spices followed by a medium habanero heat that is excellent on ice cream. Cranberry Toad Sweat has many uses including: as a pancake syrup, on oatmeal, as a dip for spring rolls or veggies, on a turkey or chicken sandwich or as a glaze or dip for grilled shrimp. Toad Sweat is made using only the highest quality ingredients with no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. Discover for yourself the unique flavors of Toad Sweat. Enjoy.

Ingredients: Evaporated Cane Juice, Cranberry Juice, Water, Habanero Pepper, Vanilla Extract, Cocoa and Spices.

Brand: Toad Sweat

Manufacturer: Peppered Palette

Awards: none

Heat: 5


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