Scotty O'Hotty Reaper de Muerte Hot Sauce

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Scotty O'Hotty Reaper de Muerte Hot Sauce: (5.3oz./157ml )

Scotty O'Hotty Reaper de Muerte Hot Sauce Made with Smokin Ed's Carolina Reapers - Their #1 award winning brand is taking all natural "Super-Hots" to the next level. They have combined the worlds hottest pepper (Carolina Reaper) with authentic MOONSHINE! This sauce is made with Smokin Ed's Carolina Reaper! Enjoy the flavor and experience the burn that YOU have been searching for.... See you on the other side. Stay Hott, Scotty! Try in chili, soups and on wings!!!


Ingredients: Reaper Peppers, Peaches, Roasted Red Bell, Apple Cider Vinegar, Roasted Pablano, Garlic, Cherry Tomato, Vidalia Onion, Hard Cider, Chocolate Bhut Jolokia, Moonshine, Lime Juice, Habanero, Sea Salt, Roasted Sesame Seeds, Olive Oil, Honey & Assorted Spice.

 Brand: Scotty O'Hotty

Manufacturer:  Owens Family Foods, LLC

Awards: 1st place x-hot world champion- World Hot Sauce Awards 2015, 1st place extra hot sauce.

1st place best reaper sauce- 2014 The Hot Pepper Awards

Heat: 10+



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