Maui Pepper Berry Mangolo Mango Hot Sauce

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Maui Pepper Berry Mangolo Mango Hot Sauce (5 oz./147 ml)

A little corny but as Tahiti Joe describes it:

'Aloha Wahine's, Mr. Berry Mangolo has handpicked his favorite “hot” little “tasty” berries to appear with him at the Copacobanana. They are so “hot”, they will make Lola scream and make you scream for more ice cream. Berry Mangolo is the fruitiest hot sauce that has hit your taste buds in the “tropics”. They will all be appearing in your mouth real soon!'

Ingredients: Vinegar, Mangoes, May contain any three of the following berries: Blueberry, Strawberry, Marionberry, Boysenberry, Blackberry or Red Raspberry, Sugar, Apple Juice, Honey, Habanero Pepper, Sea Salt, Natural Spices, Natural Gum.

Brand: Tahiti Joe's

Manufacturer: Maui Pepper Co.

Awards: none

Heat: 6



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