Mad Dog Teriyaki Hot Sauce

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Mad Dog Teriyaki Hot Sauce (5 fl.oz./148 ml)

 Mad Dog Teriyaki Hot Sauce - Use Mad Dog Teriyaki Hot Sauce straight out of the bottle. You'll suddenly be howling for more. This amazing sauce is great for marinating and stir a dipping sauce, on fish, beef, pork or poultry...barbeque and shish kabobs.

Marinade Directions:

  • Just add five ounces of water to a bottle of Mad Dog Teriyaki Hot Sauce & mix
  • Marinate meat in a single layer for best results from one hour to overnight


  • 2001 2nd Place at the Pig & Pepper Massachusetts State Sauce Contest

Ingredients: Tamari (wheat, water, soybeans, and sea salt) Honey, Vinegar, Fresh Garlic, Fresh Ginger, Roasted Sesame Oil, Chile Extract.

Brand: Mad Dog

Manufacturer: Ashley Foods

Heat: 10




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