Mad Dog 357 Pepper Extract 5 Million Scovilles

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Mad Dog 357 Pepper Extract 5 Million Scovilles: (1.7 oz./50 ml)

Mad Dog Pepper Extract 357 - 5 Million Scovilles- Premium Pure Oleoresin Capsicum. Heat level: Extreme! If you feel the need to go ballistic, go with the mother of all guns - the 357 Mad Dog Pepper Extract. But hold on with two hands, because this big-barreled extract fires everything up to a blistering 5,000,000 Scoville Units. This is the king of the heat guns and a knock-out show piece for any collection. As the fourth and hottest version in the Mad Dog Special Edition Extract Arsenal, 357 Mad Dog Extract is crafted from pure HPLC certified capsicum. The imported glass bottle says it's special all right. And the clean tasting heat and sparkling flavor are the same as the entire arsenal. But at an unbeatable 5,000,000 SHU, this is how you unleash the fire and fury. Warning: Do not consume directly, food additive only!

Ingredients: Pepper extract, may contain soybean oil.

Brand: Mad Dog 357

Manufacturer: Mad Dog

Awards: none

Heat: Extreme


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