Mad Dog 357 Extreme Wing Sauce

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Mad Dog 357 Extreme Wing Sauce (12 fl.oz./355 ml)

"World's hottest wing sauce". This wing sauce possesses heat from Hell for the wildest heat-freak, but can be tempered for more civilized folk by mixing it with any favorite sauce or marinade. Either way, the taste is from Heaven, with dynamic Chipotle chile peppers, smooooth butter flavor, and mellow beer buds, the ingredients are fresh, natural and preservative -free, a rich vermillion color, silky smooth in texture. The explosive heat sneaks up and partners with huge, REAL taste - not that vinegar-y bite in common wing sauces. More than a fiery sauce to drench chicken wings, 357 EXTREME WING SAUCE can also be added (per taste) to meats, appys and dips for an outrageous twist or a little kick. Perfect for Holiday recipes and entertaining.

Ingredients: Hot Sauce, Natural Butter Flavor, Pepper Extract, Beer Extract, Soy Bean Oil, Garlic Powder, Chipotle Powder, Xanthan Gum.

Brand: Mad Dog Hot Sauces

Manufacturer: Ashley Foods

Awards: none


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