Mad Dog 357 Carolina Reaper Pepper Puree

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Mad Dog 357 Carolina Reaper Pepper Puree (2 oz./56 g)

There are those that believe they can best the Reaper. They believe they can escape the torturous fires of hell. But, they've never come face-to-face with this Reaper. One bite of Mad Dog's Reaper Puree will have them begging for their lives. This pepper puree is pure heat, filling the souls of the brave with unbelievable terror. Mixed only with 200 grain vinegar, you'll taste the gorgeous flavor of the reaper peppers, only to be taunted by its fearless ferocity in the next breath. Are you bold enough to laugh in the face of this reaper? One 2 oz jar, made with US grown Carolina Reaper Peppers. Use sparingly to spice up chilli, wing sauces, hot sauces & soups!!!

Ingredients: Reaper Peppers & Distilled Vinegar.

Brand: Mad Dog

Manufacturer: Ashley Foods

Awards: none

Heat: 10+



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