Hot-Headz Serrano Red Chilli Hot Sauce

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Hot-Headz Serrano Red Chilli Hot Sauce:(5 oz/148 ml)

Bet you can't find a supermarket product with 31% chilli pepper content! The strong flavour and sharp heat of the Serrano chilli kicks this sauce up the heat scale a notch or two from the jalapeno and makes it ideal for sea food. Really comes into it's own with oysters if that's your kind of thing. A great splash on everything sauce! The Serrano chili is sharper in heat than the jalapeno or cayenne which makes it superb with shellfish, particularly oysters. Also try in gumbos, jambalaya and soups!!!

Ingredients: Water, Serrano Chilli Pepper (31%), Vinegar, Onion, Garlic,Spices.

Brand: Hot-Headz

Manufacturer: Hot-Headz

 Awards: none

Heat: 6


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