Da' Bomb The Final Answer Hot Sauce Extract

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Da' Bomb The Final Answer Hot Sauce Extract:(2 oz)

Da' Bomb the final answer hot sauce, 2-ounce glass bottle is like the name suggests this is the 'Final Answer' to those questioning the Da' Bomb sauce range. This is rated at an incredible 1,500,000 scoville units. The hottest of all of the Da' Bomb line. At over a million scoville units this is clearly not for direct consumption, use as a food additive only.

Warning: Do not eat straight out of the jar!, use as a food additive only

 Habaneros, Pepper Extract, Apricot Nectar (Water, Apricot Pulp and Juice, Corn Syrup, Sugar, Citric Acid, and Ascorbic Acid), mustard Flour, Garlic, Allspice and Spices.

Brand: Da' Bomb

Manufacturer: Original Juan Specialty Foods, Inc.

Awards: none

Heat: Extract


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