Crazy Jerry’s Margarita Salsa Butt Burner Hot

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Crazy Jerry’s Margarita Salsa Butt Burner Hot  (16.5 fl.oz./468 g)

The 5 peppers and tequila make this smokin' salsa from his Harleyness, Crazy Jerry, a real tropical blast. Hi Yall, If you've been cravin' a salsa that chock full of gooood stuff, then sink your choppers into this's here. I mean to tell you - it's loaded with fresh vegetables, five different types of peppers, and enough tequila and lime juice to curl your hair. It even has a little pineapple. Like I always say, "have a great day. and party hardy. But, if you'be had too much giggle juice, please don't drive - I can't afford to lose good customers."


Ingredients: Tomatoes with Tomato puree, Salt, Onions, Pineapple with Pineapple juice concentrate, Tomato paste, Green Chile peppers, Lime juice, Serrano peppers, Tequila, Habañero peppers, Jalapeño peppers, Garlic, Distilled vinegar, Cilantro, Natural flavor, Spices.

Brand: Crazy Jerry's

Manufacturer: Crazy Jerry's

Awards: none



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