Crapper Jon's Ultra Hot Sauce

The Flaming Hoop Chilies

Crapper Jon's Ultra Hot Sauce (5 fl.oz./150 ml)

Bypass the middleman and save your ass. You have to hunt and search for a sauce this good and hot. But you, your anus, toilet, and any critters have to suffer in the long run. This sauce is so delicious, it's a shame not to enjoy it's flavor. So take a chance and salivate over the taste and wait for the outcome another day.

Ingredients: Cane Syrup, Tomato Sauce, Distilled Vinegar, Fresh Onions, Mustard, Celery, Garlic, Sugar, Fresh Peppers, Garlic Salt, and Spices.

Brand: Micanopy Sauces

Manufacturer: Micanopy Gold

Awards: none

Heat: 8


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